House of Tutors

A place where you may connect with organizations all around the world to not only discover tutoring opportunities for yourself but also sign up to be instructed by a tutor for free!

Mission of the project

Dedicated to providing teenagers in Washington State with assistance in finding local volunteer opportunities in their area, ensuring they are able to make their desired impact. 

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About Us

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Potential Organizations

Note: Make sure to check out the company's website for individual volunteer opportunities and to check eligibility for volunteering. If you have any questions or would like to suggest more organizations that offer volunteer opportunities to high schoolers in Washington State, make sure to contact us using the contact form linked down below

Learn for Syth

Free learning and tutoring for students of all ages and opportunities for passionate and driven students to become a tutor. This opportunity provides high school tutors with volunteer hours. Attending learn for syth for learning is free of charge. 

StemZ Learning

STEMz Learning  strives to provide elementary school students with curriculum centered around experiments and hands-on learning. Our main goal is to introduce complex topics in palatable, engaging ways that inspire kids to learn more.

Nirvana Tutoring

Primary goal is to give everybody the right to an equal and easily accessible education. Thus, our cost of tutoring is free and all sessions are held on Zoom.

ACE Engineering Camp

At ACE, students explore computer science and nuclear engineering, through hands-on activities and interactive learning. Our goal is to enlighten the future generation to the world of STEM, empowering students to become future innovators in a safe and inclusive environment.

Student Connection

A Washington and California-operating nonprofit that pairs trained high school volunteers with K-12 students for free one-on-one high impact tutoring. We empower youth offer an affordable option of academic support to families affected by inequity.


Youthtaught is an education 501(C)(3) organization formed in March of 2021. The organization aims to close the gap in access to educational tools beyond the classroom. At the organization, my role as the treasurer is to manage all expenses and funds.


In-depth STEM courses aren't offered to young kids, especially the underprivileged youth. Genxl was founded on the belief that it is necessary for young children to be exposed to STEM concepts so that they can discover and explore their passions at an early stage in life.


Tutorpeers is a one of a kind online platform built by students for students. Tutorpeers provides a safe space for students to connect and learn together.

Stem-Ed in Success

This student led organization was recently started by a group of high school students who loves expanding their knowledge in STEM subjects through tutoring. Promote STEM education in the community by providing assistance and support to those on needs

Invest in Youth

Since Invest in Youth’s founding in 1997 we have provided individualized tutoring to third, fourth and fifth-grade learners in Seattle Public Schools, at no cost to the families or schools, to enhance students’ academic abilities, self-confidence and life prospects.

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