Made Local

At House of Tutors, we aim to provide Local Opportunities to the people of the Greater Seattle Area. Seeing that many individuals have had issues in regards to the search for volunteer and community involvement opportunities, House of Tutors aims to provide individuals with a easy to use volunteer tracking and search service designed to find opportunities aligning with their interests.  

What makes us different?

House of Tutors is different in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

Double Checked

We double check all of our volunteer opportunities to ensure that are they are indeed available to high school students and will update any information if necessary. 

Career Aligned

We ensure that our users are able to find volunteer opportunities that align with their interests through a simple search service. 

Direct Contact

We ensure that our users are able to contact directly with the volunteer organizer and or with the initiative/organization at hand to directly communicate their interests. 

Why Should You Volunteer?

Volunteering Provides A Variety of Benefits, Including: 


Volunteering can impact many individuals in the community as the whole, serving many in the process


Volunteering gives you a chance to connect other individuals from the community. 


Volunteering increases your chances of feeling self satisfaction with positive input for the world. 

The Beneficial Effects of Volunteering - Ted Talk - Eric Cooper

Still Have Questions?

Use our contact form down below to contact us with any questions.