What is the purpose of House of Tutors?

House of Tutors is a service intended to provide students in Washington State with a database of different opportunities that they are able to explore and potentially get involved in. Many students often state that finding opportunities is difficult, as many don't know where the best place to search for these opportunities are. House of Tutors solves this as we do the hard work in finding these opportunities, giving teenagers of Washington potential volunteer opportunities that align with their interests. 

Are these opportunities local?

These opportunities are all going to be local as we intend for this website to serve the teenagers of Washington in finding volunteer opportunities that align with their interests while also serving the community. 

Do we have any potential plans for expansion in the future?

When I started tutoring in my eigth grade I realized that the less efforts I put in just to earn some hours can have a big positive impact on the others life. This realization urged me to pursue computer science in my future through the form of tutoring. Teaching can allow students like us to grow as a leader and allow students to learn. 

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